Appendix I Colophon

The text of this manual was prepared electronically on a variety of systems. Most sections were originally drafted by members of the work groups and working committees of the TEI; all have been revised by the editors to achieve greater uniformity of style and greater consistency in the tag set.

The web release of the Guidelines was created using a library of XSLT stylesheets to convert to XHTML; the PDF version for printing was produced by conversion to LaTeX markup, processed using XeLaTeX. The XSLT libraries were written by Sebastian Rahtz.

Almost every available SGML and XML editor or processing program has been used at one time or another by the TEI; but without the open source implementations of XML parsers, editors and XSLT engines by James Clark, Richard Stallman, Michael Kay, and Daniel Veillard, the TEI could not survive, and we thank these individuals. We would also like to thank the staff at SyncRO Soft SRL, creators of the oXygen editor, for their support for the TEI during the creation on P5.

Many volunteers contributed to the preparation of this release of the Guidelines; we particularly note the work of Sabine Krott, Eva Radermacher and Arianna Ciula for their work in structuring the bibliographies.

The production and release process for TEI P5 was originally developed by Sebastian Rahtz for the TEI Technical Council.

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